Snake (Mostly Bs)


Strong, Female Energy, Cunning, Powerful

Michelle Gray

Animal Technique

Dance style
Popping, boogaloo and tutting

Martial art reference
Wing Chun


Michelle Gray and 
Maxine Campbell

Michelle and Max are a team: they work together dealing drugs but soon enough are charged with five counts of possession with intent, and ten counts of violent behaviour, with three of those being from illegal street fighting. The girls mean business. They have been through eight foster parents in two years: after burning down their last foster family’s home, they end up under the care of Wang Tang. Their training starts poorly, as the girls rarely take their master’s orders seriously, but they end up listening and powering through his practice sessions. Michelle in particular develops very fast reaction times. Her animal is the snake, representing strong feminine energy, cunning and supernatural power. Maxine’s animal is the crane, a symbol of longevity and good fortune.

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