What 'The Five' Spirit Animal are you?


If you had a super power, what would it be?
a) Invisibility
b) Agility
c) Speed
d) Fly
e) Extra Strength


How would your friends describe you?
a) Loyal
b) Strong
c) Determined
d) Lucky
e) Peaceful


If you entered Britain’s Got Talent what would your talent be?
a) Dancing
b) Gymnastics
c) Circus Skills
d) Singing
e) Magician


At school you are/were most likely to be:
a) Everyone’s Friend
b) Prime Minister
c) Most Unique
d) Famous
e) Class Joker


What’s your favourite food?
a) Egg and Soldiers
b) Chocolate Pudding
c) Fizzy Energy Drinks
d) Seafood
e) A Meaty Burger


What’s your signature dance move?
a) Breaking
b) Popping, Boogaloo and Tutting
c) House
d) Locking
e) Krump

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