“BBE successfully integrate oriental influences with the skills and style that the cast members already own. It’s a remarkable feat made even more impressive if you’re aware of the styles that each cast member owns outside of this production. ”

“Boy Blue Entertainment’s show, The Five and the Prophecy of Prana, ratchets up the astounding physicality dance can achieve by slamming hip-hop gyrations against the ritualized poses and muscular explosions of martial arts.

“My eyes were repeatedly drawn to sensei Wang Tang, played by Tommy Franzen. His fluid movements look effortless, but still convey energy and sheer strength, making each block, punch and kick look powerful and potentially deadly.”

“The dancers are amazing, with the athleticism of the performers breathtaking.”

“And through it all the narrative remains extremely prominent and particularly strong. This is not a thin, under developed storyline designed purely for the purpose of displaying some excellent dance routines. The narrative is driven by every movement, every scene, every routine – nothing is wasted.”

“A highly diverting achievement with, there is little doubt a sequel is already in the works.”

The Times

“A hip-hop-martial-arts-manga hybrid that’s the most ambitious thing yet created by choreographer Kenrick Sandy and music producer Michael Asante.”

Evening Standard

“Kenrick ‘H2O’ Sandy’s choreography… flows like water, one minute silky smooth, the next fast and furious, b-boying, tutting and krumping, and requires little narrative, but narrative there is.”

British Theatre Guide

“A mash-up of superhero comics, Japanese manga and kung fu movies. Hip hop and fighting moves mesh wonderfully.”

The Independent

“A lot of fun. Projections turn the stage into frames from a Japanese comic book. Cleverly conceived and entertaining.”

Evening Standard

“Injecting manga and martial arts [into hip hop] proves a masterstroke by Boy Blue.”

The Guardian

“[The animations] sweep the action onwards with cartoon strip freshness, mixing drawing with live action in constantly inventive ways.”

The Daily Telegraph